Tricia Hinks

serving with SIM Canada

(Serving in Mission)

SIM CANADA sends workers from Canada to more than 70+ countries worldwide. They believer that God's primary means of relating to, and transforming the world is the church. Thus, where there is no church, they are committed to evangelism and starting churches. Where a church exists, they are committed to strengthen the church through teaching the Bible, developing leaders, and equipping the church to fulfill Christ's Commission. 

Tricia will be using her skills and experience as a teacher to train and disciple teachers, both spiritually and professionally for their benefit, for the benefit of their students and for the benefit of the education system as a whole. Her desire is to serve in areas of Nigeria where these teachers are reaching out to non-believing peoples as a means of evangelism. 

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Crave International


Crave International is a discipleship ministry in Chiang Rai, Thailand that exists to see young adults grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Our unique experience aims to help interns and participants translate transferable life and ministry skills into their home communities or wherever God calls them. Our program has two components, an internship for those from Western countries looking for an international serving experience and a local Crave program for Thai nationals. 

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