Pastoral Search - 2022

Bethel Evangelical Free Church (Bethel Church) is earnestly praying for God’s guidance to secure a Lead Pastor with pastoral experience who believes he is called by God to shepherd in a Christ centered, loving and prayerful church that impacts the community of Vauxhall, Alberta, and the world.


Bethel Evangelical Free Church is located amidst the wide open prairie of Southern Alberta Canada. Our church began with humble beginnings as many do, where meetings and prayer meetings were initially held in several homes and at a local school. However, as time rolls on, one thing never changes; Vauxhall remains a relaxed, close knit rural town of down to earth people, whose atmosphere is warm and welcoming.


Bethel is a multi-generational church family consisting of over 70 participants, of which 21 are members. We are community minded and continue to look for new ways to engage and minister to people around us.


Through a recent assessment process the church has determined the Bethel Congregation is seeking a candidate who demonstrates effective communication in preaching and teaching, honors a focus on evangelism and outreach, provides support through shepherding and pastoral care of its congregants, and demonstrates a strong ability to relate to people of all ages.

For further details and expectations please go to or send your resume, cover letter, and references along with audio sermon access information to